Two, Popetorn Soonthornyanakij

DOB: December 25, 1980
Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand
Height: 178 cm.
Weight: 70 kg.
Interests: music & art
Hobbies: I love to read, watch movies, listen to music and draw in my spare time
Education: Sonora High school, Academy of Entertainment
Occupation: singer/songwriter
Website: www.loveisloveis.com
Fan Site: www.two-popetorn.co.nr

Two (Popetorn Soonthornyanakij) a natural born singer/song writer who was born in Bangkok, Thailand on December 25th, 1980. Around the age of 5, he started learning the basics of music, and learned to play the keyboards at Yamaha School of Music. His real interest was in singing more than anything else.

He moved to United States when he was 14 years old. He lived and spent his high school years in Orange County, California. Since he was young, his only interest was in art & music. He attended Academy of Entertainment in Santa Monica to study computer animation after graduating high school.

After finishing his animation school, he started working part time as a singer at a restaurant/night club in Hollywood. He later formed a band called “Sunday school” which performed once a month. His part-time singing career eventually lead him to meeting Boyd Kosiyabong. A music producer and the founder of a Thai music label "LOVEiS". Boyd took an interest in him and invited him to feature in an album after working together in a Christian charity concert in L.A. His music career started with his first recording with Boyd called "What Will I Do" in an album "Rhythm&Boyd11th". A song which was highly ranked in many of Thai pop music charts. Following the success of his first single, he was featured in a song called "Wherever With You" for a Chevrolet Thailand"s ad campaign. He also sang the song "The Sound of Your Heart" for a Select Tuna commercial.

After having worked with Boyd on many songs, Boyd recognizes his talent as a song writer & producer, and decided to have him produce a song that was featured in an album called "The Strangers". The song was called "Move On", it showed his strength as a song writer & producer. And also a style of Pop/R&B that was new to Thai music scene. And within the same album, he was also featured in a song called "cold winter", which he was also given the task of a vocal director. After the success of the song "cold winter", he continued to write and produce songs for different artists including himself. He was featured in many songs that were used for TV commercials, and also sitcoms.

Since 2008 he has been working on his solo album together with writer/producer cocoboi.